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My X1 Carbon is also developing similar hairline fissures. It has never been dropped and have always been careful.

This points towards poor workmanship of the material not being durable enough to withstand day-to-day-use. Making us buy accidental damage for a supposedly durable laptop we paid a PREMIUM FOR or otherwise force us to live with the defective material, is too low of them really, and it probably wouldn't hold up in court. Lenovo has been less than helpful. If I had been not as careful, I wonder if the whole THINKPAD would have completely broken apart.

Should I have known Lenovo's Thinkpad cracks so easily despite milspec advertising, and how difficult their CS is, I would have saved my trouble and bought something else. I have fired another reply to them today BELOW: 1. At this point, we have already fulfilled beyond our responsibilities as a consumer to bring this warranty claim to your notice. 2.

We take your failure to make good your manufacturing flaws to be a stubborn denial of your express and implied warranty obligations. 3. We also have taken your delays and pushing customers around your different internal operations just to avoid a rightful warranty repair, to be an actionable unfair practice. I refer to "2.

On-site Service Under On-Site Service, a Service Provider will either repair or exchange the product at your location. You must provide a suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the product. Some repairs may need to be completed at a service center. If so, the Service Provider will send the product to the service center at its expense." You have unrightfully denied to provide on-site service promptly, and asked customers to make trips down at their time and expense.

We suspect this to be a cost-saving tactic, if not disorganisation and poor customer service. 4. Both cracks have developed near the stress points where the laptop is closed and open. Your manufacturing defects and choice of material and its density has caused the chassis to be PRONE to expansion and cracking, despite the laptop not being misused nor dropped, and used in a careful and reasonable operating environment.

5. In your reply by Li on 13th September 2017, you have claimed these perforations to be "normal wear and tear". We reject your claim that the above perforations can be simply downplayed as "normal wear and tear" since they have developed under normal use. This should not be the case for your business-use Thinkpads, and not for X1 Carbon.

I suspect this may be the case for your other cheaper laptops made by Lenovo, but this is irrelevant here. 6. We also take your statement of "normal wear and tear" as evidence that you have expressly or impliedly acknowledged the sub-par workmanship, material and quality standards you have employed, and/or expect from in your actual construction of your Thinkpad X1 Carbon. 7.

Due to your inaction to repair the device since 5 September, your failure to remedy has worsened the condition of the defective chassis, and a small piece of the chassis has dropped off from the left hinge as of 14 September 2017, and is currently missing. We did indicate to you that the chassis is not only developing mysterious hairlines, but they are also expanding. You remain responsible under warranty for worsening of the chassis. Inline image 2 This part is protruding.

It should not protrude. Not under normal use where one takes reasonable care of the machine. Stress hairlines has also developed near your left hinge. The laptop lid should be sturdy enough to withstand the opening of the lid.

Inline image 4This part is also protruding. This part sits right the opening lid. It should not protrude. It should not be developing stress hairlines.

It should not impede opening and closing. The right palmrest also feels looser compared to the left. You should have employed quality control. You should have used thicker and sturdier material.

All the above suggests that there is a deeper, more structural problem at play. 8. Note that your warranty obligations is not only limited to what you write in express warranty document, but also implied warranty terms permissible under law. 9.Also clearly note this section from your express warranty: "Lenovo warrants that each Lenovo hardware product that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period".

10. We believe that we have a robust case. 11. We demand that by Monday, 18 September 2017, You either replace the defective chassis, or otherwise, a refund of the full purchase price of the item.

"If the Service Provider determines that it is unable to either repair or replace your product, your sole remedy under this Limited Warranty is to return the product to your place of purchase or to Lenovo for a refund of your purchase price." We reserve all rights. toamcks wrote: My P50 has crack on the keyboard bezel without any impact or drop dowm. the crack developed for itself 3mon. after the purchase.

Does anybody has same issues or advise to fix it? 007.JPG008.JPG009.JPG

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Laptop.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Customer care poor competencies, Quality, Rude and greedy services, False advertising, Misrepresentation.

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we have several computers from Lenovo... as in currently 5 !!!

From the one I'm typing on at this moment to 3 laptops and 1 tablet... we've Never had an issue with the products...

Like you we are very careful in how we 'treat' our electronics, however, because of that we have never had a problem and would highly recommend Lenovo


Wow that is one long gripe.

But you never even told us what the product is. I'm not savvy enough to guess and I'm not going to waste any more time looking it up.

Of course, I'm a smug techno-phobic and secretly enjoy the chaos that results from owning cell phones, laptops, Brand X, whatever. It can't and won't happen to me because I hate gadgets and treasure my privacy.

I own only the most basic home PC so that I can enjoy stories like this.

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