Lenovo Premium Technical Support Reviews

I called lenovo Premium services yesterday to determine what level of support I needed to fix my issue. I was assured that if I were to purchase the premium service for 200 dollars for the year, that my problem would be solved. After buying the package and spending countless hours on the phone, I was told to contact a local technician to help solve my problem. I then inquired about the satisfaction guaranteed refund, and was told that my...
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We purchased Lenovo Premium Support at $19.99/month to try to fix our Lenovo. The tech was totally incompetent. After several hours, my husband fixed the computer himself, and then called Lenovo Premium Support back the same day to cancel and request our money back due to the complete incompetence of the tech. We sent an email as well canceling because we didn't trust them. Their online policy says we could cancel within 30 days and receive...
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I didn't like
  • Zero customer service
  • Incompetent techs
  • Deceptive and greedy lenovo repair service