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I bought this laptop Aug 2012 from the lenovo website for college courses that required a laptop. It worked out of the box perfect with all the programs I required.

In May 2013 myenter key poped off. I sent the laptop in to get repaired, which took about 2 weeks(without my laptop). I got it back keyboard fixed. But the laptop began a blue screen, boot up, raid status in which i couldn't do anything with the laptop.

So I call it in and send it back. 2 weeks later I get it back and it has the same problem. I do this two more time until my warranty expires in Aug 2013, where I get my laptop back and it is still broken. I call it in saying lenovo never fixed it, they said the laptop was no longer under warranty and they couldn't do anything.

I go to the local computer and laptop repair shop and they try every test and tear down to fix it and fail. Now im stuck with a broken laptop from lenovo, in which i havent been able to use it for over 6 months while in college....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenovo Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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if your local computer and laptop repair shop couldnt do anything to fix it then they must be one dump shop..

if your hdd is in raid switch it over to ACHI and use your repair/recovery disk that you the user should of made when you first set up your laptop.

if a simple key popped of the keyboard it takes literally 2 mins max to pop it back in.


these companies dont care about you, especially the japs at lenovo.

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