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Placed the order for recovery disk (image disk) on 10/16. Got order # in the email. Did not receive the disk, and called back after a week just to have recite every info, serial #, address, email, tel #. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Spent 1/2 hours for 1st order. Correct price should have been $39, but the person on the call wanted to charge $70. And having to repeat same info to three different persons on three different calls just wasn't my idea... Read more

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I called lenovo Premium services yesterday to determine what level of support I needed to fix my issue. I was assured that if I were to purchase the premium service for 200 dollars for the year, that my problem would be solved. After buying the package and spending countless hours on the phone, I was told to contact a local technician to help solve my problem. I then inquired about the satisfaction guaranteed refund, and was told that my... Read more

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I cannot even believe I paid so much for s laptop. I thought i was making a wise investment and instead my new lenivs yoga laptop has been a nightmare since i bought it! Read more

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I purchased a Lenovo Flex 3-14" touch screen laptop for $960.42USD in Nov. 2015. This laptop started having screen flashing and glitching issues in Apr. 2016 (5months after purchase). Laptop was sent for repair, and they sent it back with out doing anything, except replacing the power adapter. The laptop was shipped out again immediately, and the product in warehouse for repair for 2.5 months WITHOUT ANY WORK done to it. The case was escalated... Read more

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I have a new Lenovo Ideapad (less than 3 months old) that will not turn on. I have spent the last month trying to speak to someone regarding replacing the laptop (they want me to sent it in at my own cost to have it repaired) Due to the fact that it is a brand new laptop, I feel that they should at least speak to me regarding the possibility of a replacement. I have called & emailed numerous times and cannot get a person to speak to me unless... Read more

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Just bought ideacentre 700 22ish from Best Buy. Can't even start it. Worst ever

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purchased a Lenovo B50-10 laptop on 5/5/16. Barely 2 months later the screen won't come on. I took it to Lenovo centre for repairs since it came with 1 year warranty only to be told that I have to pay almost same amount I used in purchasing the laptop because the warranty is only valid in the UK. What a Ripp off! How can a laptop purchased in Nigeria have a warranty that is only VALID in the UK? The customer care is a MIRAGE cos they only exist... Read more

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These people require a signature for everything shipped -- like people are really going to take a day off from work to sign for a $20 computer bag. -- Worse I ordered 4 items and they all are being shipped at different times. Some from the same location. I will let UPS return the bag to Lenovo. They deserve to pay for their stupidity. this site is bad too. Why require 100 words or more when the problem can be explained in far less. -- It... Read more

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I regret having bought this Lenovo Yoga 500 because its mousepad is very unfriendly. I always miss the cell that I wanted to hit because my finger slips on the pad and the cursur doesn't hit the digit that I wanted to change on a cell. The surface is too slippery, making me make an attempt several times. As a result, my typing speed slowed down significantly when compared with the previous versions of Lenovo. This pad is also difficult to... Read more

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I purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s for my daughter when she was going away to college. I purchased it directly from Lenovo and had it custom-built to our specifications. When all was said and done, the laptop, cost of software, and a 3-year warranty totaled just under $1,400. From day one, the laptop has functioned very slowly and often freezes up. My daughter complains about it constantly. Now she was in the process of writing a final paper... Read more

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